redirecting buys to wholesalers from Facebook groups

 Best of all time is redirecting buys to wholesalers from Facebook groups to Facebook marketplace and direct to the wholesaler or seller

With this you can hit it big like a lottery

Imagine someone is looking for where to stock Bags and the type of Bags she wants she thinks she will find it on Facebook why because Facebook has groups and a the marketplace but most people don’t know how to use the marketplace or some don’t have access to it but 90% can across and search any group on Facebook

Now this is how it works First, sure you have a Facebook account go in the search bar and type in am looking for a bag or a cheap car or anything that you can make nice good money

For example me i always look for people wanting to buy spare parts you can always find ththis personn groups or by comments on a Facebook page like this hi am looking for a spare part of my car any one who has it call me ….

Now for you to know that they are serious and active buyers they sometimes post Continue reading...

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