hidden forgotten ugly son

 This beautiful story was written by Fahad and it’s owned and managed by M2a enjoy and don’t forget to share.

It all started with this beautiful woman who never thought would ever get married to an ugly man

There lived a woman called eve she was so beautiful that all men in the country wanted to marry her but the only problem was she never wanted a man who is ugly even if you had all the money in the world her answer was always no.

Days passed. Then one day a man called Kenneth had the news that there is a beautiful women that no man can marry her because she thinks they where all ugly and not her level.

Kenneth was a handsome man so handsome that all women in his county wanted to get married to him but he never found them beautiful to his level so when he had about this beautiful women he had to go and find her at all cost.

Kenneth traveled to the country where this beautiful women was and all men and women where telling him your so handsome news where allover the country a handsome man has been seen the beautiful women eve had the news and she requested an appointment to meet with this handsome man Kenneth.

It was a morning to remember Kenneth meet eve the beautiful women and Kenneth’s words where will you marry me eve and the beautiful women eve accepted because Kenneth was too handsome days passed by.

Eve and Kenneth give birth to a baby boy but it was not good news they didn’t like the baby they give birth to

Remember eve was a beautiful women and Kenneth was a handsome man so they espected to give birth to a very handsome boy and every one was waiting to see the beauty of their baby.

Eve and Kenneth didn’t want the people to know that they had given birth to an ugly son so what they did is to tell the doctor to kill the baby the doctor took the baby and promised them that she will kill the baby but…

The doctor was called Merlin and she had prayed to God for years to have a baby because she could not give birth Merlin the doctor took the baby and looked after him.

Kenneth and eve told the people that Continue reading...

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